Citywide Pet Clinic

Monona, Wisconsin

Cat of the Month

Our most recent cat of the month has been adopted!
Due to Covid-19, we are not featuring one cat, we are just going to announce that there are still cats that need forever homes, and that there is a safe way to ensure that you find the purrfect feline companion! Details below photo.

Please consider looking at the available feline friends available through Madison Cat Project!
We're doing what we call "no-contact adoptions." This will involve either a phone call or video chat with the cat's foster (or a staff member if they're at our shelter) to go over the cat's medical history, personality information and as much information as we can share through these mediums.

We unfortunately cannot allow face to face meet and greets at this time. We’ll share as much information as we can, as well as resources we believe will help acclimate your new family member into your home.

If you think you'd like to adopt the cat after this, you'll sign what we call a "Foster to Adopt Contract." You'll have 7 days with the cat to decide whether you'd like to finalize the adoption. If you decide that it's not the right fit, we'll coordinate with you to set up a "No Contact Return."